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Boney M - Barbarella Fortuneteller

If you want to know what's written in the stars
And you're in rio, go-to barbarella's bar
With a magic circle as that company
Today she writes tomorrow's diary

Barbarella, magical barbarella
Mystical fortuneteller
Painting a sky of blue
Do you know barbarella, magical barbarella
Mystical fortuneteller
Selling your dreams to you

You take a look into her gypsy eyes
You'll get the feeling
That she never ever lies
She will seduce you with that misty look
She's gonna read you like an open book

Heya, heya, make the furure very clear
Don't you be too shy!
Heya, heya, while you whisper in my ear
Tell another lie

Barbarella, magical barbarella
Mystical fortuneteller
Selling your dreams to you


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