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A Moment of Love  Mexican Love Songs by the Trio Los Panchos   Accordion de Paris  Jo Basile Audio Fidelity AFLP 1815   American Favorites  Jacqueline Francois Columbia Masterworks   Belafonte  Harry Belafonte RCA Victor   Bing Crosby  Swanee Honeysuckle Rose DECCA Records   Calypso  Harry Belafonte RCA Victor   Cliff Richard  We Say Yeah The Young Ones Columbia Records   Day in Hollywood  Doris Day Columbia   Doris Day  I have Gotta Sing away These Blues Whatever Will Be, Will be Columbia   Doris Day  Teachers Pet A very Precious Love Columbia   Drake Shirl  Street of 33 Steps Please Say Hello to Me ABC-Paramount   Edgar Leslie  The Moon was Yellow You could Hear a Pin Drop RCA Victor   Elvis Presley  Love Me Tender Any Way You Want Me RCA Victor   Elvis Presley  Jailhouse Rock Treat Me Nice RCA Victor   Folk Songs of the Frontier  The Roger Wagner Chorale Capitol   Four Aces  Of This I am Shure A Woman in Love DECCA   Four Aces  Love is a Many Splendored Tging Shine on Harvest Moon   Frances Formadable  Yves Montand Capitol Records   Frank Sinatra  Chicago All the Way Capitol Records   Frank Sinatra  Who Wants To be a Millionaire Mind If I Make Love to You? Capitol Records   Frank Sinatra  It All Depends On You Sposin All Of Me Time After Time Columbia   Geoge Shearing Quintet  Love is Here to Stay Lullaby of Birdland MGM Records   Georgia Gibbs  Sweet and Gentle Blueberries Mercury   Georgia Gibbs  Kiss Me Another Fool of the Year Mercury Records   Hawaiian Favorites  Ray Kinney RCA Camden   Heavenly Sound  Mahalia Jackson Grand Award   Holiday in Rio  Werner Muller and his Orchestra DECCA   In The Latin Flavor  Arthur Fiedler Boston Pops Orchestra RCA Victor   Lawrence Welk and his Sparkling Strings  Lawrence Welk Coral Records   Les Paul and Mary Ford  Jonny Vaya Con Dios Capitol Recorde   Los Chavales de Espana  Los Chavales de Espana Panart   Louis Armstrong plays W.C.Handy  Louis Armstrong Columbia   Merle Travis  Sixteen Tons You Do not Have To Be a Baby to Cry Capitol Records   My Fair Lady  Julie Andrews Rex Harrison Columbia Masterworks   Nicola Paome  Mama Rosa Domani Cadence   Paris  Lone Renauds Capitol Records   Pat Boone  Sugar Moone Cherie, I Love You DOT   Pats Great Hits  Pat Boone Dot   Perry Como  Papa Loves Mambo Wanted RCA Victor   Perry Como  The Rose Tattoo All at Once You Love Her RCA Victor   Perry Como  Glendora More RCA Victor   Queen of Italian Songs  Nilla Pizzi RCA Victor   R.Bogdasarian  Witch Doctor Do not Whistle at The Baby Liberty Records   Romantic Melodies  Montovani London   Sarah Vaughan  Please Mr. Brown Band of Angels Mercury Records   Satchimo Sings  Louis Armstrong DECCA Records   Songs from Swingin Lovers  Frank Sinatra   Spirituals  Tenessee Ernie Ford Capitol Records   Spirituals  Marian Anderson RCA Victor   Sylvia Syms  I could have danced all night The world in my corner DECCA   Talking Union  Union songs with Almanac Singers Pete Seeger and Chorus Folkways Records   The Blue Stars  Mambo Italiano Speak Low Mercury Records   The Dukes of Dixieland  Audio Fidelity AFLP 1823   The Roaring 20-s  Tracy Shugarman   The Romantic Guitar  Vicente Gomez DECCA   Tony Martin  Kiss Of Fire For The Very First Time RCA Victor   Voice of the Xtabay  Yma Sumac Capitol Records   Wayme Shanklin  Along the Trail With You Chanson Damour ERA Records   Woman of Paris  Miss Vicki Benet DECCA Records  


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